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The easy way to staff your company.

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At Bethel Staffing and Home Care, we will source, screen, hire, and place competent and highly-qualified staff in your organization. We offer comprehensive recruitment solutions for all of your needs. Whether you are looking for employees on a temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire basis, our staffing experts will help you find the right candidates for the right job.

We offer our staffing expertise in the following areas:

Healthcare Staffing

Helping you build a skilled team of healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals. Learn more.

Industrial Staffing

We understand what it takes to ensure that your industrial staffing requirements are fulfilled. Learn more.

Warehousing Staffing

We specialize in placing logistics employees in warehouse jobs. Learn more.

For more details about our staffing services, please contact us at 774-314-2976. For a more detailed discussion of your staffing needs, we encourage you to set an appointment now.